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Santanu Dutta
The medium size Katla fish was very nice and fresh. The taste was good. Both me and my family enjoyed the fish with rice. Thank you so much.
Mousumi Saha Biswas
Excellent quality. The Jombo Prawn ( Golda Chingri) one of the best quality that I have had in ages. Please keep it up . The rest of the items are also very fresh and good.
Sudakshina Mukherjee
I have been using Lokal Market for some of the premium products like Bhetki Fish Fillet, Hilsa Fish, Mutton since many months now. I have always received consistently good quality products and have been quite satisfied throughout. Since I run a home kitchen and am in constant need of good quality wet products, Lokal Market has been a go to options for me. Lately I have also taken some premium vegetables used in authentic Bengali dishes and have got fabulous quality. I will continue to use my Lokal Market in future. Thanks.
Anshuman Ghosh
Very good service always. Always felt at home with LokalMarket. Very helpful and have taken my worries away for groceries! Wishing LokalMarket all the very best and may you grow more with your super service and grace. Cheers!
Seema Agarwal
You guys always have the freshest produce! I can trust you blindly when it comes to quality. Have been a loyal customer for quite some time now.
Rahee Khandelwal
The service is insanely good! Very happy with the kind of service I've been getting from you guys. You are the go-to website for my grocery shopping every time.
Karan Kumar Singh
LokalMarket has the best exotic selections. Very fresh and amazing prices. Extremely satisfied with them. Cheers !